Yesterday, I had a meeting with Bas de Baar
(formally known as Projectshrink, now free from title boxes).

We sat down on a terrace in Amsterdam.
And I told him I got stuck in preparing my TEDx talk.

We had a wonderful talk. With good laughs, of course.
Always good and helpful to see him.

A few hours later, I received an e-mail from him.
A drawing. With this beautiful quote:

There is only time enough to iron your cape…

And back to the skies for you

This text comes from the TED Talk of Regina Ducan, in which she quotes Jason Harley

I love it.

It’s beautiful.

I’m touched by this drawing and it makes me smile. At the same time.
This is what I needed!

(And I love to see myself wearing the superwoman outfit again ;-)

Now, I have new energy to come up with a whole new TEDx story.
Screw my previous thoughts.

What I like to share is, what happened to me yesterday, is a perfect example of what Bas is able to.
He can help discover your sense of direction.
And he makes great doodles! Doodles that make sense.
So, I encourage you to check out his website: Welcome to Shrinkonia.
(It doesn’t matter if you do not understand everything immediately ;-)
Have patience. Keep following him. It will hit you. Sooner or later.
Trust me. He’s awesome.)

Thanks Bas!

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