AIIM offers a free e-book: Embrace the chaos.

“We are at a unique moment in time. The acceleration of technology change is forcing organizations to reinvent themselves. Chaotic and disruptive times call for new approaches, new conversations, and a network of connections to help you navigate these challenging times.

How prepared are you to lead your organization through these disruptive and challenging times? Are you ready to embrace the chaos and seize the opportunities for your business?

We’re moving into a new game — an era of radical digital transformation. On the one hand, in the digital economy, information is the world’s new currency. On the other, information chaos reigns supreme.”

How to deal with information chaos?
How can you be more valuable to your organization?
How will you help your organization prepare so that it’s not left behind by the information-chaos steamroller?
How can you, as an individual, prepare for the era of digital transformation? What skills do you need to operate in this new world? What skills will you need not only to survive, but to thrive in an era of digital transformation?” (AIIM)

iin this free eBook you’ll find tips, insights and practical advice from 23 professionals, including Brian Solis, Tom Koulopoulos and John Mancini. You’ll find chapters like: The New Normal, Digital visionary, Disruptive technology trends, The gravity of the future, Predictions for the next 20 years, and many more.

This ebook is made in relation to an upcoming AIIM conference.
If you – like me – aren’t able to go to this conference, this ebook is a nice way to get some insights.

You can download the free ebook (50+ pages) here.


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