“We look from our own single perspective
and see what we want to see,

what we expect to see
and what we are used to seeing.”

Behind this tiny quote from my TED Talklies a major subject.
One that is big and important. For all of us. I think.

This post is about assumptions and illusions.
With some great examples of ‘Optical Illusions’
How your eyes can deceive you

Our way to give meaning to situations is: judgement.
With this judgement system, we always have assumptions, presumptions and prejudices.
That’s okay – we need this -, but there are several dangers coming from rushing into judgment.

The biggest danger: we can be totally wrong. Without noticing.
Every second we consciously process only 16 of the 11 million bits of information that our senses send to our brains . So, we always see only a small part. We only see what we want to see, what we expect to see and what we are used to seeing. As Chris Breen taught me at the University of Cape Town: “We do not notice that we do not notice”.

Another danger. With this kind of thinking we are missing an important part: perception. Our perception is our individual, subjective interpretation of reality. We give meaning to what we perceive and we influence what we perceive by what we believe, what we do and how we feel. So, what is THE truth?

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” – Anais Nin

Seeing things from assumptions, presumptions and prejudices can lead to arrogance, ignoring different opinions, frustration, misunderstanding and miscommunication. Bad thing.
We get stuck into our own truth.
And we don’t see the water in which we are swimming.

So, don’t believe everything you think
Don’t believe everything you see
Your thoughts create your world
Do not assume

Below, you’ll find some great examples of ‘Optical Illusions’.
See how your eyes can deceive you.
And have fun!

Seeing the world as it isn’t.

Assumptions. The power of perspective

Points of View


10 Amazing Illusions

Slideshow 10 Optical Illusions

Download the Plan B PowerPoint with 10 Optical Illusions here: Slideshow optical illusions.
Watch it full screen. Automatic mode.

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