Three weeks ago, I wrote a blog “It’s not a choice, it’s a fact
A blog to endorse the statement of Neelie Kroes.

“My message to leaders at all levels: digital is a fact now.
It’s not a choice, it’s a fact. And it is no longer acceptable to ignore it.” 

Neelie shared my blog (!)
You cannot imagine what happened
Within 45 minutes my inbox was exploding…
WOW. She’s got it.

An e-book has been made with the best quotes and photos from Neelie Kroes’ 10 years as a European Commissioner.
Here are some of my favorite quotes.
Why I ♥ Neelie.

“It’s a wonder I have any creativity left after 10 years in this building”
(Berlaymont, the European Commission headquarters in Brussels)

“I’m 72. It takes a lot to shock me” (2013)

On gender and equality (finding her voice)
“Only woman on Davos panel: told by host that I ‘bring much needed colour to the stage.’ That is obvious. I also brought my brain.”

In a question and answer session on Twitter in 2011 Kroes was interrupted by a man who wasn’t interested in policy …
“@marcinisco What am I wearing? Would u believe if I say Chanel number 5 and nothing else? #AskNeelie”

“Yesterday doesn’t count in the digital world”

“Why shut up when you can do good? If you have influence, use it.”

“You won’t get a specific answer if you don’t bring a specific question.”

“I want to start a new # tag … #UberIsWelcome in Brussels and everywhere. This is not the 19th century”

“If you are one of those people who enjoyed a good education and experienced the life-changing power of learning, you know how invaluable it is.”

On failure:
“Failure is a necessary part of business – you can’t succeed on a big scale if you haven’t learnt how to deal with failure”
“Failure is an event, not a person.”

On entrepreneurship:
“The days of relying on large businesses or the government for job creation are over.”
“If people tell you the only good job is safe job in a big organization with a nice pension: ignore them.”

I’ll miss her!
I love her for her actions and statements on technology, leadership, copyright, freedom, human rights, education and entrepreneurship.
I love her for her red nails and high heels.
I love her for being bold. Fearless. Smart. And extremely funny.

As the book says: at the age of 73, Neelie Kroes has so much energy many colleagues and national Ministers in Europe wonder what drugs she is taking. This book captures the fighting spirit of Kroes giving the inside stories “behind the quotes” of her toughest stands, and the words themselves. “Steelie Neelie” shows why leaders need to be good communicators, and why beautiful words are not enough on their own to change the world.

You can order the book here at Amazon ($ 0,99)
Or download it (for free) on the website of the editor Ryan Heath.

Enjoy. You’ll love it.

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