Another article on Plan B.
Project Management: The Value of Plan B.
Written by EOI.
Feels good. Love it! 

“Depassé recognizes the value in some of project management’s most rigid and results-driven mechanisms (such as Work Breakdown Structure, Scope Analysis, Power Mapping, Quality Control, Compliance, Risk Analysis, and Monitoring and Evaluation), but urges for project managers to complement these processes with strategies that empower and include the people that conduct them in meaningful, reciprocal, and flexible ways.

The concept for “Plan B” Project Management is to provide an alternative route for developing ideas and achieving goals when a project gets tired, stuck, overly complex, or is in a rapidly changing environment. Plan B is not meant to replace the traditional project management process — rather Plan B supports it with innovative approaches in times of need.

Overall, this approach seems to be a radical but useful one in terms of managing teams, seeing innovative opportunities, and mitigating the “human” challenges imbedded in every project we seek to manage together.”

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