Een experimentje, geinspireerd door @brainzooming (“thoughts from Twitter this week”): een greep uit de tweets van april – met interessante quotes, links naar filmpjes en artikelen. Zonder hashtags en andere twitter eigenaardigheden. Voor alle niet-Twitteraars – om toch de mooie dingen van Twitter mee te krijgen.

Why “I have a dream” beats “I have a plan”
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Great interview! The main tenet of designthinking is empathy for the people you’re trying to design for. David Kelley
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HBR: Creating a Customer Centric Organisation: experience co-creation
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“From now on, it might be better to let the box think outside of you” :-)
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The Ant, superorganism. The ultimate nature architecture. Keep watching ’till the end…
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Britney Spears on leadership. Greatness is achieved by going “crazy” for something.
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Five Reasons Why CEO’s Don’t Get Innovation
Via @innovate30 Apr

The Creativity Killer: Group Discussions. Rethinking how we generate ideas

See-Do-Get: how organizational culture is created, managed, and deconstructed.
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About “Wirearchy”. See also the short movie: Are you ready for the 21st Century?
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The Connected Company on SlideShare
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Overheard: I don’t mind uncertainty as long as we can plan for it.
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A radical experiment in empathy: outside your comfortzone, place yourself in someone else’s shoes
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Interesting article about your brain vs your gut: why your gut is more ethical than your brain
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600 Tips and Links for Using Social Media for Education and Learning
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[Roger Martin] Moving from Strategic Planning to Storytelling
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**logica brengt je van A naar B . . . verbeelding brengt je overal**
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Fail often, fail well. Learn from failure; manage it successfully
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Eight Barriers to creativity and innovation.
Via @beckyrbnsn

How genius works: inside creative minds -the messy, mysterious process of creating something new
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Wanna Solve Impossible Problems? Find Ways to Fail Quicker. Framing the right problem is key
Via brucenussbaum

Is technology changing the way we think? 13 years of futurism from cultural luminaries
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Check out: interesting talk by co-founder of OpenIdeo Tom Hulme as he talks about what they have learned so far.
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De volgende fase van sociale netwerken draait om relevantie.
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You can provide FREE Education through a simple Facebook Like
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Short films about how creative people develop ideas & thoughts
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Nice blogpost – 23 reasons why nothing happens after a brainstorm
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Adoption to new technologies is never easy
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Innovation Strategy – Where to Aim? the value stop before time/implementation
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Cruijff quotes: ‘Als ik zou willen dat je het begreep, zou ik het jou wel beter uitleggen.’
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Een greep uit mijn eigen tweets

CRM vergeet te vaak outside-in benadering. Waar is de klant?

In the future, I can’t imagine a major event where the audience doesn’t become part of the story itself
Quote from @ChloeS |@nytimes

Still ♥ this one: The (r)evolution of information (5,5 min) | From Michael Wesh or (for Dutch)

An ‘old’ one, but still worth watching! | How socialmedia can make history. Clay Shirky

See: An Executives Guide to Sparking Creativity in Teams

Het auteursrecht moderniseren? Graag! Maar aj, komt de rijksoverheid ooit los van het ‘offline’ denken?

Favoriete business boeken op @mt_nl! Zie mijn bijdrage: New Thinking van @Edward_deBono |

10 iPhone Apps That Will Make You Incredibly Productive

Weg met de disclaimer!”Artikel van @rengelfriet |

Zoals @LoesjeNL ooit al zei: “Er wordt teveel abstract gedingest” Over wollige managementtaal (via @hoogleerling)

Ik heb het boek Society 3.0 als gratis PDF gedownload!

A Giant Homage to Old Microsoft Screensavers ☺

“Als het waait bouwen sommige mensen windschermen. Anderen bouwen windmolens.”
(Uit: ja maar @omdenken van @BertholdGunster)

Nice little book: A technique for producing ideas. JamesWebbYoung (blog in Dutch)

Still love this one (movie – 2,5 min) about the end of publishing.

Ideas, let’s kill them all! Love this poster from @newshoestoday.
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